Features of the Property

Table House is full of art and unusual spaces. You can escape to so many different areas inside and out that you would never feel crowded with a big group. The living/dining room offers three separate areas to spread out. The sun-filled Belvedere (the tower) is lovely in the afternoon with a good book - and even more enjoyable at sunset with a gin and tonic or a glass of bubbles; retreat into the internal, open-air courtyard with a cup of coffee; lounge on the lawns in front of the house overlooking the sea; indulge in a game of Croquet or Klop; harvest some fresh produce from the kitchen garden and prepare a feast in the chef’s kitchen; or head down to our very secluded private beach.

Photo captured by click tv singapore

The Cocktail Lounge

The cocktail lounge in the Belvedere (the tower) at sunset is always a winner. As you ascend the stairs the 360-degree view will take your breath away.

Rozz Lee from Click TV Network Singapore is among some of the celebrities we’ve hosted at Table House.

Pop the champagne corks and bask in the glow of a stunning sunset. From the Juliette balcony on the north side watch the sun disappear over Bass Strait, Rocky Cape and The Nut at Stanley . You could stay until the moon rises. It’s pretty spectacular.

From the Juliette balcony on the south side, gaze across lime green fields, far into the distance, taking in Mt Roland, Black Bluff and Valentine's Peak.

Photo by kevin o’daly, aspect photography

Photo by kevin o’daly, aspect photography

Chef’s Kitchen

Everybody who enters this kitchen feels the urge to cook. We are sure you will too. Warren Turnbull, the former 2- hat chef from Sydney’s Assiette Restaurant, assisted with the design of this kitchen. He and other visiting professional chefs who’ve catered for various Table House events have all loved preparing food here.

Collect fresh seasonal produce from the “Lockup” (the kitchen garden room built to lock out the abundant wildlife), gaze out over a glistening Bass Strait as you chop and mix and stir up a feast, and you’ll probably find everyone in your group will want a turn to show off their culinary skills.


Internal Courtyard

The internal, open-air courtyard is a beautiful oasis right in the heart of Table House. Soak up the sun during the day or use it as another entertaining space. On warm evenings you might choose to dine out here under the trillions of stars.

table house farm private beach

The Beach

The photos say it all. This lovely accommodation in North West Tasmania offers you exclusive access to this private beach - a very special place to spend the day. Pack a picnic and your fishing rods, play touch footy or beach cricket, swim, sunbake and spend hours down there in complete privacy. You will feel like the most privileged people in the world. It’s an easy walk down, but a bit of a hike back up.

table farm house- croquet lawn

The Croquet Lawn

This luxury accommodation in North West Tasmania has an amateur croquet lawn overlooking Bass Strait. It will bring out the true personalities of your family and friends. But beware! It’s addictive. And most enjoyable.

table house farm garden

The Kitchen Garden

Help yourselves to beautiful organic produce from the kitchen garden which we call “The Lockup”- so called because if we don’t lock it up the possums and wallabies help themselves. Our gardener tends it daily.